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  1. Al Qudra Headquarters
  2. Al Wukair Logistics City
  3. Edelweiss Resort - Faqra
  4. Nurai Island

Areas of Expertise
Architecture & Planning

The art and science of designing the living space.

Architectural design begins with the contemplation of numerous factors such as space, form, identity and interconnectedness in addition to appropriateness. How does the building interact with the surrounding environment? Scale, style and materials all must effectively respond to surrounding context.

DAHNT architects and planners approach each project with an open mind, far from any preconceived design solution. Only in this manner can exceptional and genuine design emerge. We also understand the importance of achieving the proper balance between functional design and aesthetic design, normally within the constraints of a fixed schedule and budget. Also, in today’s market, technology poses new challenges. Our goal is to strike a sensitive balance between human needs and technological requirements as we integrate the worlds where we learn, work and interact.
Throughout DAHNT's long history, our team members have served in key leadership roles in planning, design and management of commercial and corporate facilities such as low-rise and high-rise buildings, administrative complexes, banks, corporate headquarters and campuses.