Dar Al Handasah Nazih Taleb & Partners
  Areas of Expertise  
  Case Studies
  1. El Aassi Dam
  2. Jbeil Water and Wastewater
  3. Kesrouan Water Supply
  4. West Bekaa Wastewater Treatment - Systems 1,2 & 4

Areas of Expertise
Water & Environmental Engineering

Connecting communities and building bridges - a cornerstone of DAHNT's practice.

DAHNT engineers and environmentalists have successfully completed diverse projects in Lebanon, the Middle East and Africa and have efficiently implemented sustainable, well-planned and innovative engineering solutions.
While meeting today's intricate demands, DAHNT continues to build on its experience and history of success on major civil engineering projects. Today, DAHNT offers a wide range of engineering services that cater to the world's sensitive environment: from water and wastewater systems, to treatment facilities, to dams and lakes and other municipal and urban facilities.